Everyone deserves better. Everyone deserves Jesus. Join us 9:30am every Sunday.

Our Pastors

Drew & Christine Carter

Drew & Christine Carter

Meet Pastor Drew & Christine, our founding Senior Pastors.

Ben & Sarah Coleman

Ben & Sarah Coleman

Ben & Sarah Coleman are Senior Associate Pastors.

Andrew & Andrina Rijken

Andrew & Andrina Rijken

Andrina & Andrew are passionate Worship Pastors.

Friday Night Fire

Join us for a God encounter once every month 7pm on a Friday night. If you are hungry for more of God, this is the place for you.
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We love God, His Presence, and His Kingdom. A generational church, building upon those who have gone before.

Sermon Notes


Hope & Encouragement

Romans 4:21 He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. The Prodigal Father continued to look for his son. He had hope. A certainty, it’s […]


Life is not a mess

For many people life is a mess. A messy life is more than clutter, it is a mindset, a worldview many prescribe to – my life is a mess. Life […]


Biblical Hope

The son hoped he would be made a servant. Biblical hope has a certainty to it. An expectation it will come to pass. Hope creates the atmosphere for a situation […]

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