Don’t Underestimate Church

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Batman was born to save Gotham City.

He had great potential yet he was hindered from fulfilling it by fear. Fear of being part of a family.

You will never achieve your potential on your own.

Batman could never save Gotham on his own. He needed family. He needed a team.

There have been lots of kings in history. The greatest king of Israel, apart from Jesus, was David.

David was a little like Batman. He had enemies but he defeated them. He fought a giant and won. People made up a song about him. People wail at his coffin even today.

Do you know the secret to David’s success?

He achieved such greatness because he had a great team.

2 Samuel 23 lists David’s Mightiest Men.
Jashobeam (leader) killed 800 enemy warriors in single battle.
Eleazar stood with David when everyone else had fled and killed till his hand was too tired to lift his sword.
Shammah stood his ground when everyone else fled.

Then there were the thirty- seven Mighty Men.
Abashai (leader) killed 300 enemy warriors in single battle.
Benaiah did heroic deeds and became captain of his bodyguard.
Then other men who also did amazing exploits.

You can’t save the city on your own. Here’s a few thoughts:

If we are going to save the city we have to work together as a team.

Church, we can’t save the world on our own. We need a team. God knew that. It’s why he created the church.

If we are going to save the city we need an exceptional team.

David had an amazing team.
I give you permission to be great.
Please don’t think I am the ceiling.
There is room for your best here.

If we are going to save the city we’ve got to fight the right enemy.

Sometimes we fight the wrong enemy.
Person next to you is not your enemy.
The person inside you is not your enemy.
Husband. Child. Parent. Boss. Co-worker. They are not your enemy.
Satan is your enemy.
When we fight each other, we don’t save the world.
Jesus said our love for each other will save the world.

Let’s work together. Let’s all be awesome and set the city on fire for Jesus.

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