Give through Grace

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Everywhere Jesus went He came with a redemptive solution.

Apollos had a great following. Apollos was instructed in the way of the Lord (Acts 18).

John 6

Jesus and His disciples were sitting.

It was Passover – a celebratory time. Enjoy Jesus this season.

Jesus asked the people to sit down also.

Expect God to use you this season. God wants to get you involved in miracles this Christmas season.

A little in God’s hands becomes much.

Think of Moses and the shepherd’s rod. God transformed it to a lot.

Widow with a little oil. God transforms it to supply for her and her family.

The supply is not the problem. There is always enough resource.

Look up. “Lord I thank You for this. Bless it.” Give out. That was how Jesus prayed.

The economy in this story shows division and subtraction equals multiplication.

It defies natural law.

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