Lessons from Nehemiah

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There will be attacks but we have won the war.

Nehemiah 4

Are you worthy of this calling of fighting for the army of God?

You are worthy in Him and He has already won.

I’m calling for Nehemiah’s to rise up and defend your family walls again.

Hear the melody of the trumpet. It sounds a song of blessing.
Make sure there are no holes in our walls. The enemy attacks our soul. Psalm 103 tells our soul to bless the Lord. The holes are plugged up. We plug up the holes with tongues. Be like Jamel and hammer the enemy to the ground.

Genesis 4:1 With the help of the Lord you raise a family.

Sometimes we get caught up in the battle and forget to live.

Keep your eyes focused on the Lord, not the enemy.

Don’t ever drop your swords. Keep the Word at the forefront of your life.

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