No More Issues

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Mark 5:25-34

The woman had an issue. An issue she had carried for 12 years. An issue that held her back. It’s time to deal with issues once and for all. As long as we have issues we can’t help people. Issues can be sickness; insecurity and false humility; offence; victim, entitlement and poverty.

Deal with your issues:

1. Acknowledge you have an issue

2. Keep moving forward 

3. Deal with the crowd – the crowd doesn’t want you to get to Jesus, they don’t want you to rise above.

4. Stop owning the issue – some people allow their issues to validate them.

5. Don’t get put off by other people’s issues

6. Let it go – to touch Jesus she had to let her issue go. You can’t touch Jesus is your heart is full of issues. It was no longer her issue but the issue. We can be so close to Jesus but we don’t touch Him.

7. Face the issue – face the issue, see the answer, behold the future. Tha Saviour’s love covers it all. When she knelt and faced Him she became whole.

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